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On the morning of 01 November, Annual Meeting of Overseas (Taiwan & Hong Kong )Chinese Literature Research Association was held in HNU in 2014. The Annual Meeting was hosted by Overseas (Taiwan & Hong Kong )Chinese Literature Research A...
Author:admin_nic    Published at:2015-09-08 17:20:39
The world needs to know China and Su Mei is a promoter. On 07 February, Art Exhibition of Snow of Wintersweet Welcome Spring drawn by Su Mei from School of Fine Arts, HNU in Goteborg, Swiss was unveiled in konstepidemin Art Garden. Qu Baihu...
Author:admin_nic    Published at:2015-09-08 17:20:26
On 1 March, The Spiritual Civilization Construction Meeting and Learn lei Feng Volunteer Meeting held by Civilization Office of the Central Communist Party Committee announced that HNU was Awarded the Title of National Civilized Unit. Natio...
Author:admin_nic    Published at:2015-09-08 17:19:51
On the afternoon of 09 March, School of Foreign Languages made a welcome ceremony to the fourth group of French Students from University of Poitiers and a farewell ceremony to the seventh group of Chinese students who will study in Yamanash...
Author:admin_nic    Published at:2015-09-08 17:19:20
At the invitation of Sam Houston State University(SHSU) and Texas A & M University-Commerce(TAMU-C), Vice President Shi Jun and Leaders from School of Education, International Office visited American high schools from 04 March to 09 March...
Author:admin_nic    Published at:2015-09-08 17:19:02
On the afternoon of 17 March, Jiangsu Provincial Education Examination Authority held the Commendation Conference of Society Examination and National Computer Rank Examination. Huaiyin Normal University was awarded the Excellent Testing Cen...
Author:admin_nic    Published at:2015-09-08 17:18:44
On the afternoon of 18 March, HNU held the meeting to organize the Provincial Training in 2015. Vice President Shi Jun hosted the meeting. Deans from some Affiliated Schools and the other relevant staff attended the meeting. Shi Jun put for...
Author:admin_nic    Published at:2015-09-08 17:18:20
On 20 March and 23 March, Beverly Irby, Director of Texas AM University, and Professor Yan Wenfan, visited HNU. They were invited to give a lecture in Global Forum. President Zhu Linsheng issued a opening speech and Vice President Shi Jun h...
Author:admin_nic    Published at:2015-09-08 17:17:50
From 05 May to 08 May, the 7 th Service (Restaurant Service) Skills Contest of National Tourism College was held in Zhengzhou. 4 competitors from HNU were awarded the First Prize, the Second Prize and double Third Prize....
Author:admin_nic    Published at:2015-09-08 17:17:35
Deputy Director Ding Xiaochang of the Department of Education of Jiangsu gave a report on higher education situation of Jiangsu in HNU on March 30. He analyzed the challenges, opportunities and trend of the higher education in Jiangsu again...
Author:admin_nic    Published at:2015-09-08 17:16:10
A delegation headed by Zhu Zhongwan, dean of the School of Chinese Studies of Dongseo University visited HNU on May 15. Vice-president Shi Jun met with the delegation in the conference room in Library. Vice-president Shi gave a brief introd...
Author:admin_nic    Published at:2015-09-08 17:15:49
IBA International Bartending Championship 2015--China Selection Match was held in Wuhan from May 18-21. Li Yuting, majoring in tourism management of HNU won the sixth place in the national final of the championship....
Author:admin_nic    Published at:2015-09-08 17:15:39
The school of music of HNU and the Department of Music of Nanyang Academy of Singapore carried out cultural exchanges in Huaian from May 23 to 25. The cultural exchange agreement was signed between the two sides on May 23. The Youth Nationa...
Author:admin_nic    Published at:2015-09-08 17:15:20
Director Wang Tingxiu from the Department of Mathematics,Texas AM University-Commerce visited HNU on May 26. Vice-president Shi Jun met with professor Wang. He was also invited to give a lecture on the difference of thinking modes between C...
Author:admin_nic    Published at:2015-09-08 17:15:01
The second session on undergraduate teaching evaluation sponsored by the Ministry of Education was held in Xiamen University from May 26 to 28. President Zhu Linsheng of HNU was invited to introduce HNUs experience of undergraduate teaching...
Author:admin_nic    Published at:2015-09-08 17:14:40
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